LJUBLJANABalmy Alpine breeze, favourite songs, contested jokes and more at art collective Slavs and Tatars' biennial of graphic arts.
THIS IS PRIŠTINA WITH ODA HALITIDJ and activist Oda Haliti looks back at her personal politics evolution in Kosovo.
DEMOCRACY IN EUROPEReadjusting the Anatomy of Political Melancholy
A SHORT EXPERIMENTAL PLAY An engaged encounter with our happily irreverent family of spirits from Romania.
WHY DO I DANCE?Artist Bogomir Doringer talks growing up clubbing in Belgrade and the politics of raving in times of war and global crisis.
DECOR BALKAN TOUR The first stop of our Decor Balkan tour with curator Ksenia Shestakovskaia: the all-seeing eye behind your favourite (or most despised) Instagram decor account.
QUESTION SERIES Artist, writer and researcher Miloš Trakilović talks about new Balkan identities, gaming and art.
A CINEMATIC ANTI-POSTCARDIn conversation with director Hana Jušić who breaks the long silence in Croatian cinema with her honest, intelligent and realist drama 'Quit Staring at My Plate'.
STOYAIn conversation with writer, poet, model and actress Jessica Stoyadinovich.
PROTOCOL FOR SURVIVAL As dawn breaks, just after New Year, carnival creatures 'Kukeri' begin their exorcism all across Bulgaria.
SLAVENSKI ASTROACOUSTICS One of the most visionary Yugoslav composers who created modern acoustics by studying the link between the cosmos and music.
A PHOTOGRAPHIC MONOLOGUE Observing the Youth Center in Split, Croatia through the eyes of photographer Katarina Šoškić.
BADBITE Ajvar is not a side dish and keeps your skin youthful.
A LETTER FROM SOFIA Where does education take place today? Also, what is the future of education? Viktoria Draganova foregrounds the new paradigms of pedagogy, visibility and politics in Bulgaria.